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We are lifting AI to the heights of Kilimanjaro

Introducing Kili, the business partner to accelerate Enterprise AI by keeping good data at the core of good AI.

We are lifting AI to the heights of Kilimanjaro
“We are lifting AI to the heights of Kilimanjaro”

Not a single day without hearing about a new AI-based breakthrough.

AI seems everywhere, yet AI is considered with suspicion. It seems complex, inaccessible for non-tech addicts, and even untrustworthy.

As CEO of a tech company whose job is to help enterprises deploy AI applications at scale, I have the responsibility to deconstruct such misconceptions and build a more transparent and responsible AI.

At Kili, we firmly believe that AI can significantly improve the world around us. But it needs to be built on solid grounds to live up to its potential and deliver its promises: create a smarter, more creative, and more efficient world!

Good data at the core of good AI

The foundation of good AI is good data. AI without good data is as useless as a Tesla without tires. It’s as simple as that, even though it’s a groundbreaking approach.

For decades, research around Artificial Intelligence has focused on sophisticated algorithms and computing power. Scientists considered advanced models would ensure a more efficient and reliable AI. Data was a complementary asset, but not a core one.

At Kili, we believe in a new paradigm for AI.

We believe data is the new code.

We believe good data is the core of good AI. Because AI needs to be trained with examples (= data) to learn. And if we want it to be reliable and trustworthy, we need to train it with good data.

We call it the data-centric approach to Artificial Intelligence.

Data annotation is the foundation

To get good data, you need good labeling.

Labeling is the process of adding notes to the data, led by humans, that teach the models exactly what to learn to be efficient:

  • A dog in pictures

  • Identification numbers on bank statements

  • Cancer cells on urinary cytology slides

  • A customer voice in a soundtrack

The good news is that once your data is labeled, you can repurpose it endlessly to keep building new AI applications.

Kili, the business partner to accelerate Enterprise AI

That’s why we exist. We have built Kili to be the business partner for all enterprises wanting to deploy AI at scale.

Our comprehensive platform has been designed to help businesses create good data, without bias or misconception, through state-of-the-art labeling capabilities, iterate on good data, and store data in a secured repository, to allow data scientists to use it again and again.

We provide the best solution to enable companies to succeed in their AI acceleration.

We want the market to know about it. We make AI accessible to all businesses while keeping it technical when it comes to the product.

That is why we have decided to launch a new branding that conveys our values of transparency, trust, and technical knowledge to support our clients’ AI acceleration.

  • We have shortened our name to Kili because we are sharp and pragmatic in addressing our clients’ AI challenges.

  • Our new logo suggests strength and reliability for our clients, with an element of friendliness in the circular titles of the i.

  • Because AI need to be trained with good data, our new tagline is “AI has a lot to learn, and data has a lot to teach”

  • We have opted for a palette of light and dark tones to make the brand reassuring, with a touch of orange to stand out from the crowd.

  • And last but not least, we are pleased to introduce you to Kili, our new brand mascot that will take you through any sophisticated tasks with a little bit of fun. He is the human part of the Kili solution, it is a reminder that human intelligence is the root of transformative AI.

With this new branding, we are taking a leap forward, a leap to build high and to lift AI to the heights of Kilimandjaro.

We hope you will like it, feel free to give us feedback about our new brand identity.

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