Build AI that matters – efficient annotation platform to speed up AI projects

Build AI that matters

The annotation platform to generate the data you need to address key challenges for your organization.

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Kili is trusted to become their data annotation tool partner

Powerful annotation platform to manage training data

Kili is the complete solution to better manage your training data, image, video, text, pdf, voice: a software for fast annotation, simple collaboration, quality control, data management, and labeling workforce. Available either online or on-premise, to match all requirements. Efficient, it helps machine learning teams iterate quicker. Simple, it allows to leverage last machine learning technics either on computer vision (image, video) or on NLP (text, pdf, voice) topics. Collaborative, it eases the on-boarding of business experts & external workforce to scale projects.

Ship your AI projects faster

Save time & money by relying on Kili simple, collaborative, and machine-learning-accelerated annotation platform.

Intuitive interfaces
Easy to use and administer
Active & online learning
Better data quality
Reduces email volume
Powerful API

Manage your labeled data lifecycle

Gain efficiency by mastering the state of your labeled data and keep it up to date

Label versioning
Human in the loop
Training set pipelines
User access control

Speeding-up AI Across Industries


Banking institutions face an increasing demand to clean its data records for its machine learning automation to improve productivity.

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The use of artificial intelligence in healthcare enables medical professionals to make faster, early, accurate decisions that could save lives.

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Artificial intelligence automation in assembly lines becomes more important to bring higher production efficiency in speed, quality, and cost.

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Transforming retail in-store experience with AI brings valuable improvement in cost efficiency and better customer experience

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Safe and reliable performance of self-driving cars and its AI-powered features continue to become the core aspects offered to customers

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Defense and security sector benefits AI for a more efficient monitoring to border controls, defense communication, target identification, and more

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