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Kili Technology’s text annotation tool helps you to build high quality training datasets faster, and solves NLP machine learning challenges to create a smooth workflow for your organization. Whether it’s chatbot utterances, emails, medical reports, voice of customer analysis, complex patents and other raw text, on pdf files or raw text – our text annotation platforms cover all major labeling tasks.

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A Fast Text Annotation Software and Labeling Tool

From simple conversation classification to advanced multi-task interfaces with named entities recognition and relations extraction, all natural language processing use cases are covered. Each text annotation interface is designed to support productivity. Composability of each text labeling interface flexibly adapts to the specific needs of each project and document.

For all tasks: text classification, single class, multiclass, dropdown for the long list, nested classification to manage complex ontologies. Named entity recognition, relation extraction, Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

File types: txt or pdf files.

  • pdf annotation tool interface

text annotation tool interface

Text Labeling and Annotation Software for Best Text Data Quality

Kili Technology’s text labeling software is available either online or on-premise, which lets subject experts collaborate quickly with inhouse teams to create high quality data training sets. Quality control is built-in thanks to our simple and powerful tools, which include consensus analysis, honeypot, review, as well as instructions for text annotation tasks.

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Simple Collaboration Between Labelers & Data-Scientists

Kili Technology’s online labeling tool for text is designed to simplify collaboration, and involve all relevant parties. It comes with built-in data governance tools and powerful data queue management distribution, when you need to scale the labeling of a large volume of data. Our user interface has the ease of usage of annotators, reviewers, and data scientists in mind. With Kili Technology's collaboration features, users can efficiently annotate any document as a team.

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A Robust Platform for Text Annotation

Kili Technology’s annotation tool is available both online and on-premise. We have developed recipes, which are available via open source on our Github for the community. These help to use our powerful GraphQL API to simplify interactions with the platform. Kili Technology is designed as an open solution to the ecosystem. You can deploy AutoSKlearn (open source autoML framework of SickitLearn) to train a text classification model online; or Snorkel to implement weakly supervised learning strategies. For name entities recognition and classification, it allows you to combine simple rules like dictionaries or REGEX, to build powerful pre-annotators. Our wrapper in Python makes it even easier if your are not familiar with GraphQL.

Our Customers Often Ask

'How do you annotate the text?"

Annotating text on Kili Technology is simple. Upload your text asset and classify your text, use named entity recognition to identify objects, and label using bounding boxes.

"What is a PDF annotation tool?"

A PDF annotation tool, like Kili Technology, is a tool that allows the detection and extraction of key information in a PDF document.

"What is an annotation tool?"

Kili Technology is a global annotation tool that supports the PDF format, but can also help on image, video, audio and text annotation.

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