The tool that makes annotation simple

The tool that makes annotation simpler

Kili Technology is the image, video & text annotation tool to drastically speed up training sets’ annotation. It is also the most efficient way to collaborate on annotation projects. Our customers are notably in the medical, the manufacturing, the retail, or the banking industry.

You are in good company – small and large

Be productive and fast on annotation tasks

Work on our simple & ergonomic interfaces, on each image labelling task, classification, object detection, segmentation. And on each text labelling task: classification, named entity recognition, OCR, speech to text. Each interface is higly customizable to adapt to the specific needs of each project. And designed to orchestrate active learning.

  • image single classification
  • image classification nested
  • image bounding box
  • image polygon
  • image segmentation
  • image point
  • image polyline
  • text single classification
  • text nested classification
  • named entity recognition & relations
  • native pdf annotation
  • optical character recognition

Improve annotated data quality

Improve the quality of your data and the performance of your algorithms. The creation of training material, the analysis of the consensus, the audit of production throughout the project, the workflows for reviewing the data, guarantee excellent data quality.

Collaborate easily

Ease collaboration within the data science team, with the business, and with external resources when it comes to labeling a large volume of data.

Rely on a shared, flexible and open annotation platform

Work in a unique and shared space. Integrate your data in a few clicks and securely, locally, on your cloud, or on-premise. Quickly connect your proprietary labeling interfaces. Connect your models in a few clicks.

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