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List of Video Labeling Service Providers [Q3 2023]

Discover the importance of quality data labeling & video annotation. Find top service providers for accurate video labeling & check our directory with 200+ data labeling companies.

List of Video Labeling Service Providers [Q3 2023]

As the AI world advances, quality data labeling and video annotation are essential. It's a crucial step in training machine learning (ML) models specifically for computer vision, making it a necessary part of any successful ML project.

Finding the right service provider to deliver fast, accurate, high-quality video labeling services can feel overwhelming. But don't worry; we've got your back! In this article, we'll introduce you to some of the more popular labeling service providers in the business who specialize in video labeling and annotation.

But that's not all! To simplify your search, we've compiled a comprehensive Google Sheet directory with nearly 200 companies specializing in data labeling services for all data types. This directory provides links and descriptions for each company, giving you a convenient bird's eye view of what's available in the market.

Happy exploring!

List of Video Data Labeling Service Providers

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We understand how difficult it is to find a reliable third-party workforce to help label and annotate your data. So we compiled a large list of LSPs, who handle a range of data types, and are experienced in several industries! Speed up your search and download our updated directory now!

aiTouch (India)

aiTouch offers top-notch video annotation and labeling services for complex training data.

Their team of experts in data annotation, labeling, and software development assists customers worldwide in creating high-performing AI models and cutting-edge software solutions. They handle projects from start to finish, consistently delivering the desired outcomes. Their services cater to many organizations, including early-stage ventures, mid-sized enterprises, and large-scale entities, that focus on AI and ML-based business models.

With a commitment to quality, they provide customizable video annotation services across various domains such as e-commerce, retail, healthcare, automotive, geospatial, agriculture, security, manufacturing, robotics, and more.

Data and Technology: Data annotation, Custom software development

Industry: E-Commerce, Retail, Healthcare, Various

Business Specifics: Workforce training, Youth-focused, Global

Website: https://aitouch.in/

Kotwel (Vietnam)

Kotwel is a trusted solution and data service provider for Artificial Intelligence, offering high-quality AI training data services, including data collection, annotation, and validation. They aim to empower AI innovations by providing researchers and scientists with the best AI training data.

Their video annotation services are powered by a highly skilled workforce and cutting-edge infrastructure, enabling them to handle large-scale projects within tight deadlines efficiently. The company also offers linguistic services such as localization, translation, and transcription.

Data and Technology: Data Collection, Image and Video Annotation, Translation, Consulting

Industry: Automotive, Healthcare, Agriculture

Business Specifics: International, Linguistics

Website: https://kotwel.com/

Sama (USA)

Enterprises depend on Sama's Video Annotation solutions and expertise to address various video types, ensuring exceptional quality at scale.

Sama provides precise data annotation and valuable insights and recommendations through its vertically integrated platform, supported by human-in-the-loop experts. Its commitment to ethical AI sets it apart, making it the trusted choice when other data annotation solutions fall short of expectations.

Sama reduces risks in ML models by offering top-notch data annotation solutions. They claim their enterprise strength, experience, expertise, and ethical AI approach set them apart.

Data and Technology: Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Software Development

Industry: Automotive, Robotic, Commerce, Agriculture, Various

Business Specifics: Sustainability, Mobility

Website: https://www.sama.com/

Cogito Tech (USA)

Cogito is a leading AI training data company that offers accurate, high-quality, scalable, and secure AI and machine learning solutions. The company empowers businesses with innovative AI and ML solutions that consistently delivers high-quality outcomes.

Cogito's workforce is experienced, certified, and platform-agnostic. Its mission is to enable enterprises worldwide to access top-quality data services by combining advanced tools and human intelligence, while its vision is to become a global leader in solving day-to-day data needs for businesses worldwide.

Data and Technology: Data Annotation, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Solutions, Consulting

Industry: Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Various

Business Specifics: Customer Support, International, Sustainability

Website: https://www.cogitotech.com/

Remotasks (USA)

Remotasks is a leading online platform that connects businesses with a global network of skilled remote workers. The company offers various tasks critical for training and improving machine learning models: data labeling, image annotation, content moderation, and AI training data creation.

With a large and diverse workforce of skilled freelancers worldwide, Remotasks provides cost-effective and scalable solutions for businesses looking to leverage human intelligence in their AI initiatives.

The platform offers a user-friendly interface, efficient task management, and quality control mechanisms to ensure accurate and reliable results. Whether for machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, or other AI applications, Remotasks enables businesses to access the power of human intelligence to drive their AI projects forward.

Data and Technology: #ComputerVision #NLP #Cybersecurity #DataProcessing

Industry: #Healthcare #Finance #Retail #Law #Education #Media #FoodAndBeverage #Various

Business Specifics: #CustomerSupport #International #SocialImpact #Sustainability #RemoteWorkers

Website: https://www.remotasks.com/en

Best practices when working with Video Labeling Service Providers

When working with video labeling service providers, businesses should keep the following best practices in mind:

  1. Choose a video labeling provider with a strong track record - Thoroughly assess potential providers to ensure they have quality control mechanisms and experienced human workers specifically for video labeling tasks.

  2. Clarify expectations for video labeling projects - To ensure smooth progress, it is crucial for both parties to agree on the project scope. Some examples of video labeling requirements include identifying objects, tracking movements, and labeling specific actions. Establish clear and specific rules for completing these video labeling tasks.

  3. Harness AI capabilities for efficient video labeling - Utilize automated video annotation tools to pre-process videos and streamline the manual work involved in accurately and efficiently labeling videos.

  4. Prioritize data security and privacy in video labeling - Choose a provider committed to data security, adhering to international data privacy regulations and implementing safeguards to protect customer data during video labeling tasks.

FAQs for Video Labeling Service Providers

Does Kili Technology offer video annotation services?

Kili Technology offers a range of video labeling features to streamline and simplify the data annotation process, such as advanced search capabilities, an organized project dashboard, customized workflows and annotation tools.

How do I ensure quality control with video labeling?

Kili Technology's quality control features allow customers to set specific rules for their projects, enabling them to monitor the progress and accuracy of submitted annotations.

What is the turnaround time for completing a video labeling project?

Depending on the size and complexity of your project, turnaround times can vary. However, Kili Technology guarantees fast processing times so you can get your annotated data quickly without compromising on quality.

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