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List of Text Data Labeling Service Providers [Q3 2023]

Explore top text data labeling providers for NLP, sentiment analysis & more. Our curated list simplifies your search. Enhance your ML projects today!

List of Text Data Labeling Service Providers [Q3 2023]

Introducing our curated list of top data labeling service providers specializing in text data labeling tasks such as NLP, sentiment analysis, and text classification.

In today's data-driven world, quality data labeling and annotation are crucial for training successful machine learning (ML) models. But as many ML teams have experienced, sometimes outsourcing the data labeling process is the way to go to save time and resources.

So, we've done the research for you, bringing together prominent companies in the business that excel in text data labeling.

To further simplify your search, we've compiled a comprehensive directory of around 200 companies specializing in text data labeling, complete with links and descriptions.

Explore the options and find the perfect partner for your data labeling needs.

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We understand how difficult it is to find a reliable third-party workforce to help label and annotate your data. So we compiled a large list of LSPs, who handle a range of data types, and are experienced in several industries! Speed up your search and download our updated directory now!

List of Text Data Annotation Services

Isahit (France)

Isahit is an ethical and on-demand workforce platform for digital tasks. It is a certified BCorp company that offers the building, training, and deployment of a custom and diverse workforce for a variety of digital task projects.

With its skilled workforce, powerful in-house labeling tools, and efficient workflow, Isahit provides solutions across multiple industries and addresses various use cases, including skin recognition, food, and predictive maintenance.

The company guarantees 100% accuracy for models.

Data and Technology: Text Annotation, Data Analysis, Product Categorization, Consulting, ComputerVision

Industry: Healthcare, Various

Business Specifics: Customer Support, International, Social Impact, Sustainability, Remote Workers

Website: https://www.isahit.com/

TeleWork PH (Phillipines)

TeleWork PH is an outsourcing partner that helps small and medium-sized businesses increase their earnings and control costs. They prioritize honesty, excellence, leadership, innovation, and communication, cultivating a skilled workforce to deliver top-notch business solutions.

TeleWork PH supports businesses by managing back-end and front-end needs, enabling them to scale operations, expand customer bases, and boost revenue. Their team consists of industry experts and consultants who use data-driven approaches to deliver results. TeleWork PH offers cost-effective solutions tailored to meet clients' specific requirements.

Data and Technology: Web Design, Digital Marketing, Consulting, Data Acquisition

Industry: Finance, Retail

Business Specifics: Customer Support, International, Social Impact

Website: http://teleworkph.com/

Translate plus (UK)

Translate Plus is a leading provider of language services, offering a wide range of solutions to clients worldwide. With over 1,000 clients, they prioritize seamless communication across all channels and technologies.

Their services encompass e-learning translation, website localization, transcreation, multilingual SEO, machine translation, desktop publishing, subtitling, voiceover, video adaptation, and transcription in over 200 languages.

The company's AI-powered translation technology, i plus®, and secure cloud-based TMS help clients increase revenue, accelerate time to market, enhance the user experience, and boost customer engagement in local markets.

Data and Technology: Translation, Text Annotation, Digital Marketing, Video Annotation, Data Acquisition, Data Collection

Industry: Media, Various

Business Specifics: International RemoteWorkers, Sustainability

Website: https://www.translateplus.com/


RWS is a global leader in language services and technology solutions. The company provides a wide range of language services, including translation, localization, interpreting, and intellectual property support, to clients from various industries, such as life sciences, legal, financial, and technology. With a global network of linguists and subject matter experts, RWS helps businesses communicate effectively and accurately in multiple languages, allowing them to reach global markets and overcome language barriers.

RWS also offers advanced technology solutions, such as machine translation, natural language processing, and content management. To help businesses streamline their translation processes and improve their overall language management strategies RWS privileges quality, expertise, and innovation. RWS serves as a trusted language partner for businesses worldwide.

Data and Technology: Translation, Content Moderation, Data Analysis, Software Development, Data Processing

Industry: Legal, Finance

Business Specifics: International, Customer Support

Website: https://www.rws.com/

Anolytics (USA)

Anolytics aims to provide accurate, secure, and efficient data augmentation, annotation, and labeling services by involving humans in the process. With a strong background in AI, machine learning, and data processing, Anolytics is a reliable choice for outsourcing annotation services.

They specialize in offering industry-specific workforce solutions for AI data annotation and labeling.

Data and Technology: Data Annotation, Data Augmentation

Industry: Security, Healthcare, Agriculture, Various

Business Specifics: ML Expertise, International Workforce

Website: https://www.anolytics.ai/

Best Practices when working with Text Data Labeling Service Providers

Clear Communication and Instructions: It is crucial to provide clear and detailed instructions, including specific expectations for the desired output. This level of clarity will greatly minimize any potential confusion and errors during the data labeling process.

Quality Assurance: To ensure the accuracy and reliability of the annotated data, it is essential to implement a robust quality assurance mechanism. This mechanism should include thorough checks and validations to maintain high-quality standards throughout the labeling process.

Data Security: Given the sensitive nature of certain datasets, it is of utmost importance to confirm that the data labeling workforce complies with all relevant data privacy laws and regulations. This will help safeguard the integrity and confidentiality of the data being labeled.

Scalability and Flexibility: When choosing a partner for data labeling, it is crucial to select one that can handle projects of any size. The ideal partner should have the ability to scale up or down based on your specific needs, ensuring seamless execution regardless of project complexity.

Feedback and Iteration: Establishing an open channel for feedback and communication is vital for continuous improvement in the quality of text data labeling. Regular reviews and adjustments based on feedback will drive iterative enhancements and ensure the highest quality standards are maintained over time.

FAQs for Text Data Labeling Service Providers

What is Text Data Labeling?

Text Data Labeling involves tagging or categorizing pieces of text, such as sentences or phrases, to create datasets for machine learning models. This process enables machines to understand and interpret human language more accurately.

What key attributes characterize a professional Text Data Labeling workforce?

A professional Text Data Labeling workforce is characterized by its expertise in managing complex labeling tasks, attention to detail, respect for data privacy regulations, and ability to scale operations depending on the project's requirements.

How does Kili Technology's professional workforce contribute to Text Data Labeling?

Kili Technology's professional workforce brings in-depth expertise in text data labeling, coupled with a strong understanding of machine learning models. They are proficient in handling data privacy concerns and have the capability to handle projects of varying complexities, making them an ideal choice for text data labeling needs.

How does Kili Technology's data labeling platform enhance the Text Data Labeling process?

Kili Technology's data labeling platform is designed to optimize the text data labeling process significantly. The platform leverages advanced tools and technologies to automate and streamline various aspects of data labeling. It offers an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for the data labeling team to tag and categorize text data accurately and efficiently. The platform also integrates robust quality assurance mechanisms that ensure the high accuracy of the annotated data. Furthermore, Kili Technology's platform is capable of handling complex, industry-specific data labeling tasks, making it a versatile solution for diverse data labeling needs.

Can Kili Technology handle industry-specific data labeling requirements?

Yes, Kili Technology has a diverse professional workforce capable of handling data labeling requirements across various industries. Their team is skilled in understanding and addressing unique industry-specific nuances during the data labeling process.

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