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List of Document Labeling Service Providers [Q3 2023]

This directory provides links and descriptions to document labeling service providers, giving you a bird's eye view of what's available in the market at your convenience

List of Document Labeling Service Providers [Q3 2023]

List of Document Labeling Service Providers [Q3 2023]

Welcome to our list of the 'Top Document Labeling Service Providers.' In today's data-driven world, the importance of quality data labeling and annotation cannot be overstated. It's a crucial step in training machine learning (ML) models, making it an essential part of any successful ML project.

Finding the right service provider to deliver fast, accurate, and high-quality document labeling services can be daunting. That's why we've done the legwork for you. In this article, we'll introduce you to some of the more prominent labeling service providers in the business who are focused on document labeling and annotation.

But we won't stop there. To simplify your search, we've compiled a comprehensive Google Sheet directory featuring around 200 companies specializing in data labeling services. This directory provides links and descriptions to each company, giving you a bird's eye view of what's available in the market at your convenience.

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We understand how difficult it is to find a reliable third-party workforce to help label and annotate your data. So we compiled a large list of LSPs, who handle a range of data types, and are experienced in several industries! Speed up your search and download our updated directory now!

Boldon James (UK)

Boldon James is a leading provider of data classification and secure messaging solutions. The company's software products help businesses classify and protect sensitive information, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and preventing data breaches.

Boldon James’ solutions are used by organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises, in healthcare, finance, government, and defense industries. The company's team consists of experienced software developers, security experts, and consultants who are dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions to their clients.

Boldon James' products include Classifier, a data classification tool that enables businesses to identify and label sensitive information, and SAFEmail, a secure messaging platform that allows businesses to share confidential information securely.

Data and Technology: Data Classification, Cybersecurity

Industry: Healthcare, Finance, Various

Business Specifics: None

Website: https://www.boldonjames.com/

Testin (China)

Testin is a leading global application service platform for enterprises, offering testing, security, promotion, and AI big data solutions to over one million developers, enterprises, and organizations worldwide.

The company has developed a proprietary cloud-based AI automated platform and a scaled crowdsourcing platform of over one million registered members. Testin's application lifecycle services help enterprises build high-quality and secure applications, improve operational performance, and deliver first-class application experiences.

Founded in 2011, Testin is a mobile internet pioneer and has been instrumental in developing mobile internet, big data, IoT, and AI in various industries.

Testin has tested over 2.6 million apps and provided services to over one million developers.

Data and Technology: Software Development, Digital Marketing, Data Analysis

Industry: Various

Business Specifics: International, Sustainability, Remote Workers

Website: http://www.testin.net

Contalents LLC (Egypt)

Contalents is a leading provider of data solutions, digital transformation, and data annotation services for AI.

Since 2019, the company has been delivering reliable and accurate solutions in the field of data entry and data processing.Its highly professional staff is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to handle complex missions and deliver exceptional results.

By leveraging its global crowd of experts, Contalents utilizes a powerful platform to generate, validate, and label data specifically tailored to the needs of AI systems.

Data and Technology: Data Annotation, Data Solutions, Data Acquisition, Data Collection

Industry: Healthcare, Finance, Retail

Business Specifics: Customer Support, International, Social Impact, Sustainability Remote Workers

Website: http://www.contalents.com

eTeam (USA)

eTeam is a global technology consulting and outsourcing company that offers end-to-end IT solutions to businesses in various industries. The company offers services such as software development, quality assurance, data management, and IT staffing solutions.

eTeam caters to businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises. Its services are designed to help businesses accelerate their digital transformation and achieve their technology goals. The company takes pride in its team of skilled and experienced professionals.

eTeam is committed to providing cost-effective and efficient solutions and leverages its global delivery model and latest technologies to do so.

Data and Technology: Computer Vision, NLP, Cybersecurity, Data Processing

Industry: Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Various

Business Specifics: Customer Support, International, Social Impact, Sustainability, Remote Workers

Website: https://www.eteam.io/

ICRA Analytics (India)

Boasting over two decades of experience and a dedicated team of more than 800 full-time professionals, ICRA Analytics Ltd has the expertise to deliver high-quality services. The company's knowledge, experience, and technology are leveraged to provide substantial value to its clientele.

The company offers a range of services including solutions, analytics and digital platforms for Risk Management, Market Data, Knowledge Services, Consulting, Grading, and Counterparty Risk Assessment.

Their offerings extend to data sourcing, mapping, extraction, spreading, and, notably, document annotation services.

Data and Technology: Data sourcing, Data Processing, Data Extraction, Data Annotation

Industry: Banking, Real Estate, Market Research, Risk Management, Various

Business Specifics: Research, Consulting

Website: https://icraanalytics.com

Best practices for working with data labeling service providers

  1. Identify Your Requirements: Before outsourcing your data labeling needs, it's crucial to clearly understand your specific requirements. This includes the volume of data to be processed, the degree of accuracy needed, the type of data (text, images, audio, etc.), and the timeline for the project. Accurately defining your needs will ensure you choose the right service provider and facilitate effective communication and expectations management.

  2. Assess the Provider's Expertise: It's important to assess the technical and domain expertise of the data labeling provider. This can include their experience with similar projects, understanding of the specific domain you operate in, and their ability to use advanced tools and technologies. Checking their customer reviews and case studies can provide valuable insights into their capabilities and reliability.

  3. Ensure Data Security: Data security should be paramount when outsourcing data labeling tasks. Ensure the service provider follows stringent data security practices, including secure data transfer protocols, robust access controls, and regular audits. Also, ensure they comply with relevant data protection and privacy laws.

FAQs for Document Labeling Service Providers

What is Kili Technology's approach to document labeling?

Kili Technology offers a comprehensive tool for fast and efficient review and labeling of data. Our platform simplifies data operations and helps businesses manage training datasets for machine learning applications. On top of document labeling, we support a wide range of data types for labeling. This includes image, video, text, and PDF documents, providing a versatile solution for diverse data annotation needs.

Does Kili Technology provide document labeling services?

Absolutely. On top of using our all-in-one platform, we offer experienced and expert labelers who understand your industry and use case, so you can get high-quality datasets delivered as you need them.

How does Kili Technology help in managing data quality with a workforce?

Kili Technology’s platform provides clear visibility of the progress made by the labeling workforce, so you can check the quality of labels, identify anomalies, track error resolutions, provide real-time feedback and answer questions, and further refine guidelines. In addition, you can feel safe knowing that we follow the highest security requirements.

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