Precise Image Annotation Tool

Kili Technology provides advanced image annotation tool that makes data labeling process fast and simple. Classify image and draw bounding boxes, polygon, polyline, or segmentation to complete object detection tasks. Perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract text from images to build your datasets. A highly customisable interface to combine tasks and increase your efficiency.

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Fast & Precise Image Annotation Software

Our image annotation tool works from identifying images to their classification and advanced object detection. Each image annotation interface is designed to increase labeling productivity and efficiency to help reduce your workload. Also, each image labelling interface allows for high composability to adapt to the specific needs of each case.

We cover all tasks such as image classification on single class, multiclass, dropdown for a long list, and hierarchical classification to manage complex ontologies. The point, polyline, polygon, bounding box, segmentation & annotations tools are available.

File types: png or jpg.

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Chicken image ready for image annotation

image classification nested

image point

image polygonimage segmentation
Collaborative Image Annotation Platform

Kili Technology image labelling software is available online or on-premise tool, which facilitates collaboration between business experts, external workforce and data-scientists on projects. Labelled data quality control is built-in thanks to simple & powerful tools and features: consensus analysis, honeypot, review, and last but not least instructions for image annotation tasks. All is available through a simple interface and for all formats.

Collaboration made simple between tech teams & annotators

Kili Technology image labelling software is available either online or on-premises, which facilitates collaboration between business experts, external workforce and data-scientists. Labeled data quality control is built-in thanks to simple and powerful tools: consensus analysis, honeypot, review, and last, but not least, instructions for image annotation tasks.

image annotation platform interface

Work on a solid image annotation platform

Kili Technology’s annotation tool is available online or on premises. We have developed recipes, which are available via open source on our Github for the community. These help to use our powerful GraphQL API to simplify interactions with the platform. Kili Technology is designed as an open solution to the ecosystem: for instance, you can plug in Yolo (open source framework) to do transfer learning in order to speed up the annotation process. Or, Snorkel to implement weakly supervised learning strategies, which allows you to combine simple approaches to build more relevant pre-annotators, for instance a specific way to combine the output of 2 models. A Python API makes it even simpler for everyone.

Frequent questions

Our customers often come to us with different questions!

"What is an image annotation tool?".

An image annotation tool like Kili Technology helps you accelerate and smoothen the labeling process of image datasets, essential to run efficient AI applications. We also frequently hear

"How do you annotate a picture?".

Annotating an image on Kili Technology is easy: you can upload your image, and use bounding boxes, or semantic segmentation to label elements of your image.

"What is an image annotation example?"

Our customers have many different use cases for image annotation, and some of them include detecting serial numbers and information from invoices, identifying cancer cells from medical imagery, or detecting cars on roads.

"What are the different types of image annotation?"

Annotating images can be done in many way: bounding boxes (2D or 3D), polygonal segmentation boxes, points and lines, and semantic segmentation.

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