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How Covea Leveraged Kili Technology to Transform Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Explore how Covea transformed their customer satisfaction analysis using advanced data labeling and AI with Kili Technology, setting a new standard in customer insights and service.

How Covea Leveraged Kili Technology to Transform Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to harness the power of data to enhance customer experience and streamline operations.

Analyzing customer satisfaction is of utmost importance for the finance and insurance sectors to remain competitive and build strong, long-lasting relationships with their clients. By consistently evaluating customer feedback, these industries can gain valuable insights into client needs, preferences, and pain points. This analysis enables financial institutions and insurance companies to customize their products and services more effectively, ensuring they meet the specific requirements of their diverse clientele. Furthermore, it helps identify areas for improvement in customer service, policy offerings, and overall client engagement strategies. As a result, companies can enhance customer loyalty, reduce turnover rates, and ultimately drive business growth by delivering more personalized and efficient services.

This customer story explores how Covea, a company with a substantial customer base, embarked on a transformative journey using AI and Kili Technology to analyze and categorize customer satisfaction surveys.

Covea is a French mutual insurance company group offering a range of insurance products and services. It's one of the leading mutual insurers in France, known for providing various types of insurance coverage including health, life, auto, home, and liability insurance. Covea operates through a network of subsidiaries and is known for its customer-focused approach, offering tailored insurance solutions to meet the diverse needs of its clients. Covea's approach to business is often characterized by a strong commitment to mutualist values, emphasizing solidarity, responsibility, and serving the interests of its members and policyholders.

Covea's challenge: Analyzing massive customer feedback for strategic insights

Covea faced a complex and important challenge, not just in terms of scale, but also in terms of complexity. The task required them to analyze 1.5 million verbatim comments, an unstructured dataset collected from customer satisfaction surveys. This data was crucial in understanding customer sentiments, opinions, and experiences, and improving Covea's customer service and product offerings. However, traditional manual analysis methods were impractical and time-consuming, and processing such a massive dataset required sophisticated tools and methodologies to ensure accuracy and reliability in the insights extracted.

Covea's goal was to derive actionable insights from the data, beyond surface-level analysis, to uncover deeper patterns and trends in customer behavior and preferences. This was essential for making informed strategic marketing decisions, refining service offerings, and proactively addressing customer pain points, which is vital in the competitive insurance market.

In addition to the challenges of processing and analyzing the data, Covea also had to transform it into a format that could be easily interpreted and used across various departments. This required not only the right technological tools but also a strategic approach to data management and analysis. The insights needed to be accessible and actionable for teams ranging from marketing and product development to customer service and management.

The solution: Kili Technology's robust data labeling features

Covea's initial approach involved the manual categorization of a small dataset by experts, followed by AI and deep learning methods to automate the process for the bulk of the data.

Covea started building their tool to solve this challenge. The idea was to manually work on 1% of the data and let AI handle the rest.

However, as Covea delved deeper into the project, the need for a more comprehensive and versatile solution became evident. The diversity of the data types in their customer feedback – ranging from text to images and audio to video – required a platform that could handle multiple formats and complex analytical tasks.

Enter Kili Technology. After a thorough evaluation process, Covea selected Kili for its ability to meet a wide range of functional requirements. Kili's platform supported diverse data types – text, images, videos, audio, and documents – and was capable of handling complex tasks like hierarchical classification, transcription, entity extraction, and image segmentation.

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Seamless integration and smart quality metrics

Kili's user-friendly interface and SDK for programmatic interaction allowed Covea to automate and integrate the tool seamlessly with its existing models. This streamlined the categorization process and enabled the team to focus on more strategic tasks.

One of the critical aspects of Kili's platform that stood out for Covea was its capability for consensus analysis. This feature was crucial in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the categorized data.

What is consensus?

Consensus is a process that involves multiple labelers annotating the same asset. The aim is to measure the agreement level between different annotations for a given asset. This process helps ensure that the labels produced are of high quality. The Consensus score that is calculated provides a key measure for controlling the production quality of labels.

Security and compliance

Given the sensitive nature of customer data, security was a paramount concern for Covea. Kili's commitment to high security standards, including data hosting in France and strict data segregation policies, provided the assurance Covea needed. The collaboration with Microsoft further strengthened this aspect, ensuring that data access was restricted to authorized users only.

Outcomes and future plans

"With the choice of Kili, we are much more confident about the future. We decided to eliminate a large part of the technical debt by choosing a solution that will be perfectly mastered across a whole range of data science and AI projects."

Philéas Condemine
Lead Data Scientist at Covea

The implementation of Kili Technology has been a game-changer for Covea. The customer satisfaction analysis project is now in full swing, with the tool being adopted across more than 9 projects and by over 60 users. The insights derived from the analysis directly influence Covea's strategic decisions and customer service improvements.

Looking ahead, Covea plans to expand the scope of the project to include more complex tasks and continuous model supervision. The integration of Kili with large language models is set to further enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the data labeling process.


Covea's journey with Kili Technology exemplifies the transformative potential of AI and machine learning in the realm of customer experience management. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, Covea has not only streamlined its data analysis process but also gained deeper insights into customer satisfaction, paving the way for enhanced service delivery and customer engagement.

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