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Kili Technology is now available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Cloud vs On-Premise? How about both? For years now, people have been predicting rough days for on-premise deployments, with cloud-based hosting poised to replace them. At Kili, we didn’t share this enthusiasm: for many companies, sending sensitive data to SaaS is still a no-go, privacy issues being their major concern. This is why the whole time we’ve been committed to offering Kili both as a SaaS and an on-premise solution.

Kili Technology is now available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Let’s face it, though: nobody likes the constraints imposed by on-prem. Having to talk your IT  department into setting an in-house deployment project, the cost of installation, then cost of running it, potential scalability issues... Sounds familiar?

So far our solution has been hybrid hosting: cloud-based Kili with data hosted on-prem. Although this compromise solution does the job for many of our clients, it also comes with a bunch of constraints. And, worse still, doesn’t meet the strictest security and privacy policies.

This is why we decided to offer something completely different: how about deploying Kili directly in your Microsoft Azure premise? You keep all the advantages of on-prem: the platform is not shared with anyone and only you control what goes in and out. What’s more, you get to use all the commodities that cloud marketplaces are offering: automatic deployments, scalability by design, and automatic updates. At the same time, you don’t have any of the disadvantages of the traditional on-prem.

Last but not least, you can be set and ready to go in days, rather than weeks (a well known problem for traditional on-prem). Is it the best of both worlds? We think so.


Contact our Sales team to learn more about purchasing Kili on Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

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