Labeling Platform for High-Quality Training Data

At Kili Technology, we believe that focusing on high-quality training data, that is consistently labeled & representative, is the way to unlock the value of AI. Today, we continue our journey to empower all ML teams to transform unstructured data into high quality data with one tool to label, find and fix issues, and simplify labeling operations. 

Create training datasets fast

Annotate all types of unstructured data rapidly and accurately with customizable annotation tasks & an interface optimized for productivity & quality. Automate labeling to save time with smart tools & model predictions.

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Annotate fast

Find & fix issues in your ML datasets

Supervise quality level & improvements to ensure low-error datasets. Simplify advanced collaboration workflows. Leverage programmatic QA. Explore your datasets and identify the data that matters.

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Find & fix issues in your ML datasets

Simplify your LabelingOps

Integrate natively with your ML stack, easily orchestrate your data pipeline, structure projects & user management, and manage the entire data lifecycle of your ML project on Kili.

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Simplify your LabelingOps

Augment your team

Get ahead of the game with expert labeling workforce. Strengthen your project management & ML teams with Kili experts.

Integrate Kili Technology in your ML stack

Integrate Kili Technology in your ML stackIntegrate Kili Technology in your ML stack

"Kili's customer support is best in-class. We solve issues much faster and their training data platform has a direct impact on our performance."

Andrea Colonna
Andrea ColonnaHead of Data, Jellysmack

"Great companies like Kili Technology, [...] have already adopted this data-centric AI approach."

Andrew Ng
Andrew NgData-centric AI Influencer

"Kili, the training data platform, is bringing added value in the management of our projects and this is quality."

Gilles Henaff
Gilles HenaffHead of AI, Thales Las France

"We are very satisfied with our collaboration with Kili. We saw a performance improvement of our model of 3.5%"

Marie de Léséleuc
Marie de Léséleuc Director of Analytics and Data Science, Eidos-Montréal
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