Unlock the true power of your company knowledge

Information is the true power. It is siloed in your various IT systems. It is difficult to find and to access for everyone in the company. There is a search engine by system, when there is not several search engines by system… At home we are used to live with Google, which aggregates all sources and connect the relevant dots, to build a rich understanding of the exact information we were searching for. At work, we still live in BG (Before Google) age.

Each company has the data to empower its sales teams with a rich 360° view of prospects or customers, to empower customer service agents by providing them with precise information responsive to customer requests, and to equip employees with easy access to internal content, tools, services, and directories.

New database structures, data fusion methods, and natural language processing enable Kili Technology Answer Engine to build a rich knowledge database, search through it, and build a rich representation of the answer you were looking for.