Gain in efficiency with documents processing automation

Until recently, even a simple structured form would consume time and resources to setup. Setup was done field by field, and each evolution of the form required a corresponding script adaptation. In real time, needs would outpace your technical team’s ability to deliver in the desired time frame.

Machine learning’s recent developments make it possible to achieve greater flexibility. Kili Technology Documents Processing is able to process structured and semi-structured documents, to adapt to new forms, and to learn from every exception. It’s simple for operations to monitor the process, manage errors, and provide guidance to specific fields to train and improve the model over time.

We automate up to 80% of the manual workload, increase workflow speed, and drastically reduce errors.

We did it on KYC documents such as status or kbis; on credit documents such as pay sheet, account statement; on trade finance documents such as bill of lading, letter of credit; on factoring documents such as invoices and balance sheets.