Let’s make AI practical solutions for your business

We deliver scalable solutions, and we do it quickly.

Our data and engineering teams deliver the following services: identifying use cases to provide solutions to your business issues, designing AI-driven product, developing machine learning models, training algorithms with your data, and delivering operational solutions.


AI has already demonstrated strong features and capabilities to:

  • Increase operational efficiency and automate simple repetitive tasks
  • Do subhuman analysis and run deep and wide analysis on massive data flows
  • Bring intelligence and create insights connecting the dots


Identify opportunities

We run short workshops with the key stakeholders to identify opportunities and available data. In the following week, we deep-dive with key stakeholders throughout your organization and create relevant use cases.

Pick the right business cases

Each use case is assessed on a ROI vs. complexity matrix. We work together with your personnel to validate the completeness and quality of the data, and assess the technical and business complexity of the uses cases. From there, we are able to provide a strong recommendation for key use cases to focus on for the pilot phase.

Build a Proof of concept

We take a sample of the data and create a proof of concept. This Poc demonstrates the viability of the use case. The Kili Technology Platform generates results in less than a month.

Roll out

Drawing on insight from the Poc, we define a high-level rollout plan that clearly articulates and defines the scalable process for your business. We are also available to meet your implementation needs.