A modular platform to articulate best NLP technologies

Our platform enables you to assemble state of the art artificial intelligence fundamentals and transform your siloed proprietary data points into valuable business solutions.

It’s made of 5 machine learning capabilities, which combined, solve hundreds of your uses cases.

5 bricks

  • Voice to text or speech to text is the capability to transform a phone call into readable text for instance.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the capability to transform an image into readable text.
  • Translation harmonizes languages, makes different services available in different languages, and sometime leverages a language as a pivot for machine learning.
  • Language understanding is a fundamental brick that incorporates technologies pertaining to natural language processing (NLP), such as parsing, semantic understanding, sentiment analysis, topic clustering, key phrase extraction, spell check, named entity recognition, disambiguation, and linking.

Your digital transformation starts by synthesizing compartmentalized data to achieve holistic solutions via machine or deep learning, while at the same time increasing efficiencies and cutting costs.  Kili Technology is built to articulate relevant AI micro-services around de-siloed data in order to deliver customized solutions for your business in line with your use cases.

Kili Technology runs on all infrastructures, from on-premise to public clouds.