Products we build

Despite the hype around AI, building useful & concrete applications remains a difficult challenge.

The single most important component of the AI stack is data labeling: we offer a collaborative solution to create training datasets.

  • No need to spend hours labeling proprietary data. We offer interfaces and people to scale labeling when required.
  • With the level of security & confidentiality you require.

The second most important component is state-of-the-art models: we enable you to deploy state-of-the-art NLP in your company – in days.

  • No need of an expert data-scientist in NLP to spend weeks testing and choosing the right model. Our AutoML do it for you.
  • No need of a senior developer to spend 2 months building a reliable product, well packaged in a docker, with admin, monitoring, log management, and APIs. Our modules are production ready.
  • No need of massive amount of data to train the model. It’s pre trained.

Get it, specialise it on your data, test it, and solve your business issue.