Automate your back-office processes with Artificial Intelligence

Start automating your back-office processes with simple, custom, cost effective, and secure solutions,  in order to build lasting value.

Products we build

Despite the hype around AI, building useful & concrete applications remains a difficult challenge.

The single most important component of the AI stack is data labeling: we offer a collaborative solution to create training datasets.

  • No need to spend hours labeling proprietary data. We offer interfaces and people to scale labeling when required.
  • With the level of security & confidentiality you require.

The second most important component is state-of-the-art models: we enable you to deploy state-of-the-art NLP in your company – in days.

  • No need of an expert data-scientist in NLP to spend weeks testing and choosing the right model. Our AutoML do it for you.
  • No need of a senior developer to spend 2 months building a reliable product, well packaged in a docker, with admin, monitoring, log management, and APIs. Our modules are production ready.
  • No need of massive amount of data to train the model. It’s pre trained.

Get it, specialise it on your data, test it, and solve your business issue.

Solutions we provide

We make it simple, custom, cost effective, and secure to transform unstructured textual and voice data into critical business insights, improved efficiency, increased knowledge, or cost reduction for your business.

We do it in weeks – not months.

Private by design, our solutions run on the infrastructure of your choice.

Your proprietary data points are an untapped resource that we transform into a usable reality through processing on our cutting-edge machine learning technology systems.

Kili Technology solutions are customized to learn from, and adapt to, your data to perfectly meet your specific business needs. Our full set of models, APIs, user interfaces, and consulting services provide your company with the ability to have customized artificial intelligence solutions at your fingertips, by leveraging segmented and siloed data in order to deliver impactful business solutions.

Who we are

We are a team of passionate and experienced entrepreneurs.

We build customer-centric products, powered by the last machine learning research and evolution. We focus on having impact. Our frontier is language understanding.

Emails, calls, chats, documents, scans… 80% of your data is unstructured. With Artificial Intelligence, we are now able to structure, understand, and build operational solutions to your business issues.  We believe in the accessibility of this technology to all companies – regardless of size, and all people – regardless of starting point.

We are proud to work with the most innovative companies

We gain their trust by delivering outstanding ROI in a few weeks, thanks to our technical expertise and dedication.

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