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Expert labelers with modern tools

Hire experienced professional labelers to work in an all in-one platform, from 6$ to 60$/h. Human level intelligence delivering the quality you require. Powerful API & tools to customise quality, workflows, keep full visibility and control in real time, curate and iterate. Get high quality datasets delivered as you need it.

Expert labelers with modern tools

Séraphin G.

Small business (50 or fewer employees)

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Robbert R.

Small business (50 or fewer employees)

Validated Reviewer Verified User Source: Organic

High Quality is Hard, Kili Technology makes it easy

Rich human intelligence in a powerful tool for a unique all in one solution that drastically impact accuracy, delivery time, and cost of world’s top AI companies labeling needs.

Frame project requirements
Share expectations, specify quality requirements and the level of supervision, define the workflows. We got your back.
Provide feedback & validate quality before kick-off
Review calibration batch, refine project guidelines and quality assessment metrics, and validate project final setup.
Monitor labelers’ progress in real time
Follow progress made, check labels quality, identify anomalies, track errors resolution, provide on-going feedback, and further refine guidelines to reach the highest labeling quality.
Improve continuously with a data-centric iteration loop
Loop in your model and leverage it to fine-tune the data rather than the algorithm. Implement active learning. Improve continuously with a data-centric iteration loop. Focus on more impactful data. Boost your model performance week in week out. And ship your AI app faster.

Need additional expert labeling guidance?

Work with our expert Machine Learning Engineers to train your in-house teams on how to build a high-quality dataset

Ensure the highest quality of your dataset by collaborating with our experts in building training datasets. Hear our recommendations tailor-made to your project. Make your ML team grow in their data labeling skills. Tackle your labeling challenges with our data scientists. Implement best practices and performance tips to improve productivity and quality.

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Work with a secure and competitive workforce

We provide with labeling services that match your need, from 6$ to 60$/h

Strong expertiseStrong expertiseHire qualified data labelers with years of experience in building training datasets. Select labelers with a given expertise in your industry. Discuss the best way to label your project together. Set quality standards, and get your labeled dataset in days.
Expected security levelsExpected security levelsWork with a team of qualified annotators with your security settings and standards. Have your data in the cloud or on-prem. Monitor data and label transfer protocols to your security standards. Benefit from our tool at the highest security requirements (SOC2, etc).
Social responsibilitySocial responsibilityPartner with ethical workforce providers that are certified in enforcing gender, age and race equality in the workplace (B Corporation Certified). Ensure that your datasets are bias free, diverse and representative of reality.

They rely on our labeling services

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Frequent questions

What is a labeling workforce?
A labeling workforce is a team of labelers that a company can hire to run annotation tasks on their behalf. Some companies use a labeling workforce to avoid the need of hiring extensive ML team themselves, or to staff additional people on an urgent project.
What are professional services?
Professional services are the consulting hours dispensed by our expert Machine Learning Engineers on your project. Our MLEs can help you assess the viability of your use case, discuss your implementation plan, suggest labeling and global ML best practices, all in the goal of making your labeling project a success.
Does Kili Technology provide professional & workforce services?
Yes, Kili Technology provides a variety of professional services. Some are included in the Enterprise pricing plan, but can also be added on to any other plan. Check our pricing page for more information.
How does the project setup with an external workforce happen?
When starting a project with Kili Technology and an external workforce of labelers, you can setup your project on Kili Technology by yourself or have us do it on your behalf. In both scenarios, you keep full control of the parameters of your project.
How do you monitor quality with an external workforce?
To monitor quality levels when working with an external workforce, you can access the quality analytics on Kili Technology, verify that your quality guidelines are closely followed, and discuss with the project manager and reviewers as frequently as you like.
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