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Scale your project with our expert labeling workforce, fully managed with tasked based metrics. 

Easily ramp up your project management & ML teams at scale with Kili’s experts.

From design to deployment


From design to deployment

Kili manages the execution, from design to deployment.

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A trained workforce


A trained workforce

Our professionally trained and dedicated workforce handles the execution of adhoc labeling jobs.

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A trained workforce


Data Centric AI & Labeling experts

ML engineers, who are experts in DCAI and Labeling, to accelerate & transfer knowledge; Data engineers to help setup workflows, and Labeling project managers to ship your projects to production successfully.

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The right resources at the right time

Kili is designed to support companies at every stage in the process of building responsible AI, with expertise across data annotation types, labeling tasks, and specific use cases.

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    The right level of expertise

  2. 2

    Mindful of your data sensitivity

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    Uncompromising quality

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    Productive and cost effective

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