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Testing and exploring core features of Kili


Kili fundamental features include:
  • Unlimited labeled assets
  • 5 Users
  • Automatic Task Distribution
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Image classification
  • Image bounding box, polygons, lines, points annotation
  • Image semantic segmentation
  • Text classification
  • Named Entities Recognition
  • Relation extractions
  • Email & chat customer support

Scaling up artificial intelligence across use cases

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Get all Developer features plus:
  • Custom volume
  • Unlimited Users
  • Managed labeling workforce
  • DICOM image format
  • Native PDF labelling interfaces
  • Audio classification
  • Audio transcription
  • Full access of quality management features
  • Full access of integrations
  • Automation add ons
  • Human in the loop add ons
  • Success Manager customer support
  • SSO& Data on premise add on

Industrializing AI projects with the end-to-end solution

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Get all Team features plus:
  • Full access to automation functions
  • Real time labelling for human in the loop process
  • Premium customer support (*)
  • Full access to extended and customized access & security
  • Full On-premise add on

Our partners already deployed successfully thousands of AI projects into production thanks to Kili.

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