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Unique Data for Frontier AI

High-quality data is not a bottleneck for us, nor should it be for you.

Whether it's for supervised fine-tuning (SFT) or Reinforcement learning with Human Feedback (RLHF), Kili Technology offers a bespoke, agile, and scalable solution to meet even your most ambitious AI model's needs.

Unique Data for Frontier AI

Trusted by top AI builders worldwide

Expert project management


Expert project management

We'll do the heavy lifting. Our expert project managers are here to lead the entire project from start to finish and ensure your data quality and scale requirements are met.

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Unbarred flexibility and agility


Unbarred flexibility and agility

We know that innovation requires multiple iterations. So, if your model's data quality definitions and volumes change, our team is ready and capable of adjusting quickly with you.

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Workforce ready, no matter what


Workforce ready, no matter what

Your goal is to train models, ours is to train people. Kili's global network of domain experts with extensive GenAI expertise ensures that your model has access to top-notch human data and feedback, regardless of subject or language.

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Speed and quality at scale guaranteed


Speed and quality at scale guaranteed

Our platform and service is fully equipped to guarantee custom SLAs, so you never have to worry about bottlenecks in your AI development. Get fully usable data how you want it and when you want it.

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Frequent Questions

What does the fully managed data labeling service include?

Our service includes a dedicated project manager for AI alignment, a solution engineer for model and API integration, and customizable teams for RLHF and SFT. These labeling teams are specialized workers for domain expertise and are tailored to your needs. We also offer custom SLAs by project type and a comprehensive labeling tool for all labeling needs.

How will the dedicated project manager help our project?

The project manager ensures that your labeling projects comply with AI safety and alignment standards. They oversee the entire process, manage timelines, and ensure smooth and effective communication between all parties.

What role does the solution engineer play in our project?

The solution engineer is responsible for integrating the labeling tool with your models and APIs. They handle technical challenges and ensure that the integration process is seamless and efficient.

What domains do your annotators handle?

Our team of annotators includes experts from a wide range of fields, such as lawyers, journalists, political scientists, economists, sociologists, historians, psychologists, computer scientists, biologists, physicists, chemists, and medicine and health practitioners, and more. This diverse expertise guarantees high-quality and contextually accurate annotations across various domains.

What are the expected results of using your managed service?

Our service removes the overhead from your engineering teams by managing, designing, and implementing labeling projects. This results in:

  • Up to 100x more human-annotated data available each month.

  • High-quality data achieved through custom guidelines, team training for alignment with model improvements, and a custom automation strategy for quality control.

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