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Kili Technology Changelog: February 15th, 2023

We're happy to introduce the changelog of our latest release! Discover what has been launched, updated or fixed on Kili technology these past two weeks.

Kili Technology Changelog: February 15th, 2023
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[Python SDK] We’ve added two new methods: kili.inferences() and kili.predictions(). You can use them to get the list of labels that were created by ML models (inference or prediction label types).

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[Labeling] We’ve added support for a wider range of TIFF raster drivers. For details, refer to our documentation.

[Issues & questions] We’ve improved the accessibility of the resolved issues & questions.

[Analytics] Team performance graphs are now grouped by user id instead of user name. This will help you spot specific users with more precision.

[Python SDK] When calling methods that run queries (.assets, .labels etc.), you can now request a specific object type to be returned. Set the as_generator argument to True if you want the method to return a generator. If as_generator is set to False, the method returns a list. This will give you more flexibility when handling returned data.

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[Labeling] The Interactive Segmentation tool used in semantic object detection was not working with PNG images. We’ve fixed this issue.

[Labeling] When a rotated bbox added to a GeoTIFF image was being resized, the shape of the bbox would sometimes change to shapes other than rectangle. We’ve fixed this issue.

[Labeling] In text projects with many overlapping annotations, some tags were not being displayed. We’ve fixed this issue.

[Python SDK] Mutation methods would sometimes end before the mutation was complete, for example: entities (assets or projects) were not available yet on the server. This potentially lead to errors when trying to process these entities. We’ve fixed this issue.

To deep dive into the new changes, go read our documentation.

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