Powerful Audio Transcription

Kili Technology makes audio transcription fast and simple. Classify audio to identify speakers or topics. Easily perform speech-to-text tasks from audio and video files to build high quality training datasets. Kili’s powerful, customizable interface allows you to combine tasks to improve productivity.

audio transcription interface

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Fast Audio Transcription in All Use Cases

From simple audio classification to advanced speech-to-text tasks, your audio transcription projects become much simpler. Start, pause, and playback your audio file (recordings, interviews, etc), while modifying the audio speed to follow your audio transcription rhythm. Adjust timestamps, identify speakers, and import pre-defined voice transcriptions using our special recipes. Each annotation interface is designed to increase your work productivity. Kili Technology’s audio transcription tool allows for high composability to adapt to the specific needs of each use case.

File types: mp3, mp4, flac.

audio transcription interface of kili technology

audio form of audio transcription interface

Master Labeled Audio Data Quality

Kili Technology’s audio transcription tool is available either online or on-premise, which lets subject experts collaborate quickly with inhouse teams to create high quality data training sets. Quality control is built-in thanks to our simple and powerful tools, which include consensus analysis, honeypot, review, as well as instructions for speech-to-text tasks.

Collaboration Made Simple Between Tech Teams & Annotators

Our audio transcription tool is designed to simplify collaboration, and involve all relevant parties. It comes with built-in data governance tools and powerful data queue management distribution features, when you need to scale the labeling of a large volume of data. 

consensus interface on audio transcription

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A Solid Platform for Speech-to-text 

Kili Technology’s audio transcription software is available both online and on -premise. We have developed recipes, which are available via open source on our Github for the community. These help to use our powerful GraphQL API to simplify interactions with the platform. In addition, Kili Technology is designed as an open solution to the ecosystem: for instance, you can plug in Yolo (open source framework) to do transfer learning in order to speed up transcription of speech-to-text. A Python API makes it even simpler for everyone.

Our Customers Also Ask

Our customers often come to us with different questions!

"What is audio transcription?"

Audio transcription with Kili Technology is the ability to extract key data points from audio recordings.

"How can I transcribe audio for free?"

You can use Kili Technology to easily annotate you audio files and extract key information from your recordings, interviews, or any kind of audio format.

"How long does it take to transcribe 1 hour of audio?"

Depending on the amount of data points to extract from your file, it can take between a few minutes and a few hours to annotate one hour of audio.

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