The service to scale up annotation

The service to scale up annotation

Kili Technology sources and qualifies the manpower you need to annotate on premise or offshore.

Image & text annotation

Kili is trusted to become their data annotation tool partner

Find the manpower to label your data

Scaling up your annotation projects requires dedicated manpower, who can work inside your walls for sensitive data, or offshore. Kili Technology sources the manpower and quality partners to work directly on your labeling projects. Bring your privileged partners on board or work with our referenced actors. The collaboration is transparent, the price is clear from the beginning of the project. Compare performances, rely on each other’s expertise.

Control the quality of labeled data

Use our data quality management tools to control production and everyone’s contributions. Produce your datasets faster, train your models faster, deploy your projects faster, and do more AI projects.

Collaborate safely for the security of your data

Control data governance, roles and rights, while respecting your storage policy, as SaaS, on your cloud, or on-premise. Take advantage of our automatic task distribution to ensure that your data is always accessible in a fragmented way.

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