The service to scale up annotation

The service to scale up annotation

Kili Technology sources and qualifies the manpower you need to annotate on premise or offshore.

Image & text annotation

Our partners already deployed successfully thousands of AI projects into production thanks to Kili.

Find the manpower to label your data

Scaling up your annotation projects requires dedicated manpower, who can work inside your walls for sensitive data, or offshore. Kili Technology sources the manpower and quality partners to work directly on your labeling projects. Bring your privileged partners on board or work with our referenced actors. The collaboration is transparent, the price is clear from the beginning of the project. Compare performances, rely on each other’s expertise.

Control the quality of labeled data

Use our data quality management tools to control production and everyone’s contributions. Produce your datasets faster, train your models faster, deploy your projects faster, and do more AI projects.

Collaborate safely for the security of your data

Control data governance, roles and rights, while respecting your storage policy, as SaaS, on your cloud, or on-premise. Take advantage of our automatic task distribution to ensure that your data is always accessible in a fragmented way.

One stop solution: data annotation tool and services

Kili is a one touch point for data labelling tool and service. We provide a platform that allows you to customize interface, set quality management, collaborate with your team, and leverage autoML for an automatic data labelling.We also facilitate you to set up a team of secured experts and professionals for your project.

Regardless in which industry you are in, the use of artificial intelligence models is becoming more and more inevitable in many aspects of business. Therefore, data annotation becomes a critical process to get excellent model performance. However, performing data labelling can be expensive and time consuming, so choosing the right solution is essential: both the platform and the workforce to annotate within the tool. Combine the simplicity of our fast data annotation tool or software, along with the service to outsource your capability to put human in the loop process to train your AI models better and more efficiently. Using autoML to allow automatic data labelling can ease the work even further.

Your unique use case might need a specific criteria and requirements. At Kili, from AI computer vision (classification, segmentation, object detection, etc) annotation to NLP (NER, relations extraction, etc) labeling are covered in our annotation tool and service. Kili’s data labeling platform allows you to customize your project to the level of granularity that you need, both from the interface builder or directly through JSON settings. You could also select, compare, and test the capability of data labelling professionals and industry experts to match your quality standard.

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