Radically efficient annotation platform to speed up AI projects

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Kili is the software for annotating image and text. So efficient that machine learning teams iterate quicker. Simple, it allows to leverage active learning to divide by 2 cost and time of annotation. Collaborative, it makes it easy to on-board business experts & external workforce to industrialize projects.

Annotate image and text on Kili Technology

Annotate faster on our intuitive interfaces
Improve the quality of your training data
Orchestrate online & active learning
Interact without friction thanks to our API
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Simplify your annotation projects

Be productive with our intuitive image & text annotation interfaces, and structured workflows. Create better quality data. Work on a single and shared platform. Create visibility for your team. Facilitate internal and external collaboration. Spend less time on your scripts & files preparing the data, and more time inventing the future of your industry.

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Scale annotation frictionlessly

Collaborate with the best image and text annotation companies directly within Kili Technology. Or bring on board your privileged partners. Easily monitor production quality with our consensus management, continuous operator evaluation, and annotation review processes. And easily monitor operator performance.

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Work in a modern & open ecosystem

Kili Technology is designed by data scientists for data scientists. You work online or offline. Whatever the nature of your data: image, text, voice. Integration into your work ecosystem is simple: data ingestion is done by drag&drop, in cloud, or on premise; your specific interfaces can be integrated in a few clicks, as can your machine learning models.

You are in good company – small and large